We belive that complete support is an essential element of customer success.

When considering the software that runs your business, it is important to plan for the ongoing support and evolution of that IT solution. At TRAX, we believe that complete support is an essential element of customer success. TRAX Professional Services allows you to tap into the expertise of our technical team, business analysts and support professionals to solve or proactively avoid problems and truly maximize your business operation.


Maximize your operation by tapping into the expertise of our technical team, business analysts and support professionals

Implementation Project Services

With over 200 successful deployments to its credit, TRAX has a team of experienced Project Managers with demonstrated proficiency in the areas of scope planning, scheduling, project management, risk analysis, resource training, technology consultation, data migration, and system data integration. Depending on your requirements, TRAX can provide a consultant to develop your plan, and/or resources to effectively implement it.

Data Migration

An experienced data conversion development team assists with mapping and moving data from legacy systems and/or external files into the TRAX eMRO system. TRAX provides import table definitions, database file export processes, running of data migration scripts, analysis of discrepancies and scripts to resolve issues.

Data Integration / APIs

The system integration team develops or facilitates the integration of other disparate and essential systems: Finance, Flight Ops, Human Resources, B2B marketplaces, etc. to or from the eMRO maintenance web services architecture.

TRAX Cloud / SaaS & IaaS (Hosting)

No other company can offer the valuable combination of TRAX eMRO application and database management knowledge. TRAX Cloud / Software as a Service uses top-of-the-line hardware provided by Amazon Web Services with enterprise-ready datacenters across different regions worldwide. With no infrastructure to maintain, TRAX Cloud will increase your cost efficiency, reduce the time to troubleshoot & fix issues/upgrades/patches, while making the applications accessible to your users located anywhere via multiple platforms.

Customized Training

Training is an investment in the future of your company and its employees. Improving knowledge and maximizing adherence to the adopted business processes helps your company stay competitive and keeps employees motivated. The TRAX Training department offers a wide selection of training options including: Module-Based, New Release Version functionality, Trax Administrator, Business Process Flow, Trax Orientation, Train the Trainer, On-the-Job, and Remote Training. Training sessions can be held remotely, onsite, or at the TRAX offices in Miami. Training can be conducted using a copy of your organization’s database.

Business Health Check

A system health check follows a thorough, step-by-step process to capture and review all aspects of your maintenance operation. Its primary goal is to find any processes and eMRO / Trax M&E software options that can be implemented or optimized to help maximize productivity. An experienced TRAX consultant also advises on best practice system configuration as well as identification of any gaps that can be overcome via system modifications. The final step is the creation of a comprehensive report with recommendations that will result in vastly improved efficiency and system health.

Business Process Documentation

Improved business processes equal enhanced productivity. TRAX business analysts use their knowledge of the software functionality combined with their experience with industry standards and best practices to help redesign and document your processes. This service can include remapping, documentation, identification of software gaps, system configuration recommendations, and new process training.

Technical Health Check

Leverage TRAX database expertise and experience with Oracle environments to optimize and configure your infrastructure for overall enhanced system performance. A TRAX expert works with your Oracle DBA, network and storage administrators to analyze the existing infrastructure, test workloads and services, and establish baselines for report and Work Pack generation performance. A report is generated with recommendations.

Release Upgrade

Upgrading your software release version can improve processes, enhance information availability, increase productivity gains and support better decisions. TRAX resources are available to assist in training, system configuration management, business process documentation or remapping, quality assurance testing and automated script development, and a number of other solutions that can be combined as a package or selected à la carte.

Quality Assurance Testing

TRAX can help develop a robust testing plan for your release upgrade project with defined scope, schedule, UAT test cycles and resources required. TRAX can aid in test script development, risk coverage analysis, test data management and advise on test types (functional, unit, regression, exploratory, manual and automated). TRAX can help develop your plan, or alternatively provide resources to implement it.


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TRAX runs completely on the AWS Cloud in line with the company’s cloud-first strategy

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