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All Calls should be made to our primary business continuity number: +1 (305) 662-7400 or our toll-free +1 (877) 264-8729

Calls to these numbers will be routed to simultaneously ring a pool of phones (landline, VOIP & cellular) in case there is any disruption to communication lines or cellular towers. Click here for data center information from our pbx provider.

​Customer Emergencies must be logged in and then alert the Emergency Response Team by sending an email to with “TRAX 911” in the subject of the message.

2019 Hurricane Season

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IRMA: September 13, 2017  6PM

The power just returned to the office building, however, Building Management has several repairs that need to be made to the Elevators and the Air Conditioning systems.  

Air Conditioning to the Data Center and the Building is not working and thus we are unable to restore the servers in our data center. EOC will remain active until we are able to resume business operations.



IRMA: September 13, 2017  11AM

There is still no power in the surrounding area of the office building. 

Florida Power & Light has experienced problems with their Outage Tracker Map & their Account Management System whereby no one can see the status of their outage nor see the estimated time to repair that we usually see on their site or app.

With over 50% of Miami Residents out of power, recovery will take some time and the current pledge by FPL is to have power restored by this Sunday.

We are in constant communication with the building’s management to confirm when power is restored. TRAX HQ remains closed until further notice. Please revisit this site twice a day (Noon & 8pm) for further information as it comes in.


IRMA: September 12, 2017  8PM

There is still no power in the surrounding area of the office building. 


IRMA: September 12, 2017  10:30AM

The Manager of the office building has sent notification that the office has no power yet but the roads have been cleared and their maintenance crew is verifying the building’s condition and mitigating any safety concerns not relating to electrical. Once the power returns they turn on all the systems and verify the building can reopen. They anticipate they may reopen by Wednesday, September 13th at 7am, at the earliest if power returns by this evening. Florida Power & Light has prioritized Police & Fire Stations, Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Schools (serving as Shelters), and Traffic Signals.

FUEL STATIONS are still without gasoline or shutdown until they can receive more gasoline. I have seen gas stations will lines of cars for over 1 mile waiting to refuel. It is a complete & utter mess where there are only a few gas stations open & able to serve fuel.


IRMA: September 11, 2017  4:30PM

The Hurricane has cleared. There is extensive damage to AT&T Cellular Towers hindering LTE/4G access as well as cellphone signal in many areas of the city. We have identified Emergency Response Personnel with power & internet access and we are redirecting our phone numbers to them. Some Emergency Response personnel without power or internet will be working from our EOC in Boca Raton.

We are working through the Weblogs based on criticality. If you have any urgent log, please send us an email to with the log(s) that need to be escalated. In the meantime, please contact us for only Urgent Logs or Emergencies.

I am still waiting for the building’s management to confirm the date & time it will reopen. Please revisit this site twice a day (Noon & 8pm) for further information as it comes in.


IRMA: September 10, 2017  10PM

We are still receiving the tailwinds of Hurricane Irma. There has been serious flooding on Bayshore Drive and many streets are impassible until they clear the flooded vehicles, fallen trees and debris.

Power is down for most of the city and especially in Coconut Grove.

Once the building management assesses the conditions and clears the building for resumption of occupancy we we will announce the reopening pending the safety of the roads.

We will not reopen the office until further notice. Please revisit this site twice a day (Noon & 8pm) for further information as it comes in.


IRMA: September 9, 2017  8AM

Hurricane Irma continues to skirt Northern Cuba taking it further west and still not turning to the north as was anticipated which puts it in the path towards Tampa.


IRMA: September 8, 2017  2:30PM

Hurricane Irma is forecasted to shift towards the western side of Florida hopefully sparing Miami from the highest winds & surge. The breezy conditions have begun sporadically as of 2PM.


IRMA: September 8, 2017 8AM

Irma is right on track to skirt by Northern Cuba today and tomorrow morning when it begins its northern track. The forecast track appears to be shifting towards the west of Florida and while we may miss the eye of the hurricane, more of the northeast section of the storm, which contains the most violent wind & rain, will be over us.

Comcast will be opening their Wifi hotspots for use by everyone, customers and non-customers, to aid everyone in obtaining current information via their smartphones.​

Visit to download & install the app onto their device or laptop. The website also has a directory map to help you find the nearest hotspot. Those hotspots located in neighborhoods without power will unlikely have access.

General rule during recovery: Electricity is restored by level of criticality and therefore Hospitals, Nursing Homes & major hardware stores will have electricity restored first to ensure safety & recovery. Hotspots near these areas will have a very high likelihood of availability first.


IRMA: September 7, 2017  5PM

Tomorrow we will begin to see Breezy Conditions and Saturday afternoon we will see Tropical Storm conditions. 



Any Customer Emergencies may be logged in and then alert the Emergency Response Team by sending an email to with “TRAX 911” in the subject of the message.


IRMA: September 7, 2017  11AM

A Hurricane Watch has been issued for Miami-Dade County as of 11AM.  

Storm Surge Warning has also been issued for Coastal Areas of Miami-Dade and the rest of the Eastern Coastline and inland areas of South Florida.


IRMA: September 7, 2017  9AM

Evacuations have been ordered by the County Mayor for coastal areas including TRAX Headquarters. Given the evacuation order, road conditions & scarcity of fuel and supplies, TRAX closed its offices at 8am today.

Members of the Emergency Response Team will be on call until the EOC opens 6 hours after the Hurricane passes. Customers are advised to contact TRAX for emergencies only during this time and preferably via e-mail by including “TRAX 911” at the beginning of the Subject of the message in order to trigger an alert to the entire emergency response team.

Hurricane Irma is forecast to impact Miami by Saturday thru to Sunday and possibly Monday morning.

Please continue to monitor this page for further updates regarding further updates.


IRMA: September 6, 2017  3PM

Hurricane Watch & Warnings are imminent for Miami. Given the conditions on the road with scarcity of fuel and supplies, TRAX will close at 8am Thursday.

Members of the Emergency Response Team will be on call until the EOC opens 6 hours after the Hurricane passes. Revisit this site by 12 Noon and 8pm each day to stay informed.


IRMA: September 6, 2017 5AM

Hurricane Irma’s track continues towards Florida as a Category 5 Hurricane. It is forecasted to weaken to Category 4 but still uncertain when it will turn North. 

The timeline presently has the edge of the Hurricane reaching Miami late Friday night to early Saturday morning.

TRAX will definitely be open on Thursday however Employees living in evacuation zones, East of US1, can request PTO if you intend to evacuate by notifying & your supervisor to be excused from work on Thursday to ensure you have time to evacuate.

We continue to wait for the Hurricane Watch to be issued in order to confirm office closure. Once our office is closed, our Emergency Response Team will be on call & monitoring Customer Weblogs until 6 hours after the Hurricane Warning ends and either the EOC or TRAX HQ reopens, depending on road conditions & availability of electricity and data lines. 


IRMA: September 5, 2017  5PM
Miami-Dade & Broward Counties have announced schools will be closed Thursday & Friday. Both counties have announced mandatory evacuation for people that live east of US1 starting Thursday through Friday. Click the evacuation zone map to confirm your home’s susceptibility to storm surge and evacuation. TRAX will be monitoring the progress of the Hurricane and will announce official closure when the Hurricane Watch is issued. We are anticipating this to occur on Friday morning around 8am but it will be confirmed via internal company e-mail as soon as the Hurricane Watch is announced. TRAX Employees living in evacuation zones, East of US1, please notify & your supervisor to be excused from work on Thursday to ensure you have time to evacuate.


IRMA: September 5, 2017  3PM

Hurricane Irma has intensified to a Category 5 Hurricane as it continues on its path towards Florida. All the models have it traversing the State of Florida from South to North, affecting the entire State. Outer storm rain bands are expected to reach Miami as early as midday this Friday.

TRAX is now preparing its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Host.Net located at 3500 NW Boca Raton Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33431. This is adjacent to the Host.Net Network Operations Center (NOC) where all TRAX mission-critical systems permanently operate. 

Essential personnel have been notified report to the EOC within 6 hours AFTER the Hurricane Warning ENDS, based on road conditions.

Our Headquarters will be closed as of Friday with only essential personnel “on-call” for the continuity of Customer Support. We will announce our resumption of regular business operations in our Headquarters within 12 hours after the Hurricane clears and we are able to assess the road conditions & availability of electricity and data lines.


IRMA: September 4, 2017  10AM
Hurricane Irma continues on its forecast track towards Miami, FL with its outer bands reaching South Florida by as early as September 9th at Category 4 strength.At 8 a.m., the center of the Category 3 hurricane was about 610 miles east of the Leeward Islands.The storm was moving to the west-southwest at 14 mph with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph with higher gusts. Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 30 miles from the center, and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 140 miles.Some strengthening is forecast through Tuesday night.A turn toward the west is expected later today, followed by a west-northwestward turn late Tuesday. On the forecast track, the center of Irma will move closer to the Leeward Islands through Tuesday and then be near the northern Leeward Islands Tuesday night.